Today I want to share three tips to help you get the home you want in a competitive market like ours.

The first tip is to be informed and know the marketplace. If there’s an area in town that you are interested in, there are probably a few social media sites you can join that will keep you updated on community events and neighborhood functions. This will give you a chance to meet some neighbors from that area and familiarize yourself with it. It’s also important to spend some time in the neighborhood you’re interested in. You could take a walk or drive through the area several times so you know it as well as possible.

“Getting pre-approved puts you in a much stronger position as a buyer.”

The second tip is to make sure you are pre-approved for a loan. Being able to make an offer with a pre-approval letter puts you in a much stronger position than you would be if you made an offer without one. You don’t want to make an offer to a seller and leave them hanging on whether you’re pre-approved or not. When you speak to your lender, depending on the location of the home, remember that there are several different financing options or types of loans available to you. By knowing your loan options, you can greatly reduce the amount of money you put down.

The third and final tip is to communicate to your agent all of your must-haves in your prospective home. Whether it’s a garage, a pool, or a single level, you need to let them know what you need. As Realtors, we’re constantly familiarizing ourselves with what’s on the market so we can present you with many options. Communicate what your needs are so we can be on the lookout on your behalf.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home or have any questions you’d like to see us discuss in a future video, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help!