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  • Welcome back. I wanted to thank you for watching our videos and submitting questions. We want to be your real estate resource and we appreciate your responses!

  • When you sell your home you want as much money as possible. Sometimes we forget that to do this, there are some costs.

  • Welcome back! The holiday season is here and every year we get asked whether it’s best to sell during the holidays or wait until spring. You might be surprised to find out that selling during the holidays actually puts you at a huge advantage.

  • Welcome back to our video blog. We at the McIntosh Team really appreciate all the questions you are sending to make this blog successful. Today’s question is from a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and they wanted to know why their home isn’t selling. While I don’t know the exact details of the home, there are five elements to selling a home.

  • Welcome back to my video blog! Have you ever heard of contingency offers? I get asked about these a lot.

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