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  • When you are selling your home, you want a buyer who will offer you a good price for your home.

  • This is an exciting time of year for us in Savannah as the weather warms up and our buyers and sellers enter the market. Today’s topic will actually be more focused on our buyer’s side. We have a lot of questions coming in, especially from first time home buyers. We’re going to briefly list some things that first time buyers can do to prepare to buy a home.

  • Today I’ll be updating you on our real estate market here in Savannah in order to better serve you. To start, I’ll just briefly touch on 2013, where we saw prices stabilize and interest rates remain low to push buyers forward into the market.

  • Welcome back. I wanted to thank you for watching our videos and submitting questions. We want to be your real estate resource and we appreciate your responses!

  • When you sell your home you want as much money as possible. Sometimes we forget that to do this, there are some costs.

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