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  • What happens during the home closing process? What do you need to know as a buyer or a seller? I’ll go over a few key things that you should be aware of today. For instance, how long does the closing process actually take? To find out, watch this short video.

  • If you’re submitting an offer on a home, it’s possible the seller won’t accept it. There may be certain items or terms the seller doesn’t agree too, and in turn they will submit a counteroffer. What exactly is a counteroffer how do you proceed once one is submitted? I’ll answer that for you today. To get the full scoop, watch this short video.

  • In a competitive market like ours, finding the right home to buy can be tricky. That’s why today I want to share three tips that will help you get the home that you want. The first tip is to be informed and know the marketplace. This means spending some time in the neighborhood your home is located in so that you familiarize yourself with that area. To learn more tips that will help get you the home you want in a competitive market, watch my latest video.

  • Contingencies are pretty common in the real estate world. Sometimes buyers need to sell their homes before they have the finances to purchase a new one. As a seller, a contingency offer can benefit you, especially if your home has been on the market for awhile. They key is knowing how to approach and handle an offer with a contingency. To see how you can make a contingent offer work for you, watch this short video.

  • How is the Savannah real estate market doing? So far, 2017 is off to a great start. Interest rates were fluctuating for a while and have now settled around 4%. Meanwhile, inventory is low and demand is high. To learn more about our current market, watch this short video.

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